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Catching up - Personalized Biscuits for Birthdays and Special Ocasions from2013

A few samples of personalised biscuits in fondant .
It's a while since I made these,
but thought I'd post them  all the same..

These were to commemorate a very special date for Cisco!You
could call it a celebration of life.

This was a personalised gift for Pilar's Birthday!
She's a dressmaker and is a great country fan,too!

The guitar biscuit was a surprise for Marc.

These were from a good friend to  cheer someone up!
It was around Christmas-so added the holly trim!

 these  Biscuits were done with love
for a young friend who loves life....and all things pink!! 
Also a Country dancing and cupcake fan!

She   LOVES  making cupcakes!

 BTW it was her 25th birthday,if you hadnt already guessed,lol!!

Over the last few months
Ive been asked to prepare 
several trays with  names
and relevant decorated biscuits. 

These make great gifts ....
what could be better than some tasty decorated biscuits made specially for you!

It has been good fun thinking up something to identify each person 
and converting it into a biscuit decoration!!

Take a look below...

These were to go with a Christening present for baby Mercedes.
 They looked so sweet!

Loli is a hairdresser
who loves Country and Western and  line dancing!

The following are also for line  dancers
Who take part in competitions!

That's all for now folks!   Yee Hawww!!


Hello again! Hola de nuevo!

The lack of activity on my blog doesnt mean I've not been busy!
 On the contrary, life has been hectic!
I've had quite a few orders for cards
and at the same time I've been  busy making cake toppers and similar
for birthdays and other occasions.
Our cakes and biscuits you can see here: cookies

As for the cards, I'll be uploading as many as I can,as quickly as I can!
For a start, I'm going to  do some of the Easter cards
 I've been making for the family,especially for the grandchildren
 and my great nieces and nephews!
I am so fortunate to have 2 grand daughters,2 grand sons
then  4 great nieces and one new baby great nephew!
My grandchildren are here in Spain and the others all live in the U.K.

Well,here goes:
All the cards are from designers at,
a great website for downloading digital crafts.
My  own link, with a lot of(but not all)my cards is
So  please feel free to go and have a look.
I've made quite a lot of baby cards recently,from diferent designers
also humourous birthday cards by Carol Smith.

 This  gorgeous cantilever gift box for Easter,
consists of a base box and two little top boxes with lids
 joined with hinges.
 Made with card stock and 10 extra brads.
It's not hard to do and has complete instructions.
 It's a fair size and will make a lovely keepsake/treasure box for a little girl.
 Designer Tracey Barnes. ref:cup514931_1060

This cute little gift carrier,is made from 2 x A4 sheets
 and fixed together with extra strong double sided tape.
so simple and looks great for small Easter gifts.
 The designer is Sharon Poore. Ref: cup386300_659

This lovely tulip design is for an A6 card, design by Barbara Alderson.
 and comes complete with insert panel and pyramid topper
 and two tiny decoupage crosses.
 I've displayed on a poppy red card to bring out the beautiful colours of the tulips
Ref: cup531308_478

This is another A6 design by Barbara Alderson,
with matching insert panel and greeting.
The colours are very pretty and delicate. Perfect for springtime,

This adorable over the edge ducky is just sooo sweet.
 I've cut round the proverbial daisy and added some 3D flowers,
 a little bumble bee,a heart and some card candi.

This card was designed specially for my grandaughter Martina,
by Eva Cano at CUP as an LDL size.
The Easter animals are really appealing
-such cute little bunnies.
 I've added a few flying creatures
 as she loves identifying animals.
 I've also added stickles glitter
 and glossy accents to the eggs. ref:517098_750

 Another special  LDL  design by Eva Cano.
This is for my other grandaughter .
The Easter bunnies  with their Easter Eggs are so cute
 I've also sent it  to two of my great nieces.
Lovely  pink and purple tones  for two very girly girls.
Ref: cup517103_750.

  ...and this one ,also designed by Eva as an LDL card
 is for my grandsons Aleksandar and Pau.
Mounted on blue card and finished with shiny card candi.
Those cheeky  little chicks are having a great time !

This is a special easel card for  Easter,which I crafted for my mum.
The design is "Rejoice in the Lord"   by Maria Christina Viera
I printed the parts on glossy paper,
with gold card for my easel base and decoupaged with silicone.
 The photo really doesnt do justice to the beautiful vibrant colours.
It looks stunning in real life.
ref: 411639_1784

That's all for now.
I'll upload some of my latest baby cards next time.
I hope you find the cards interesting to look at.
 I get great enjoyment from crafting cards.
Don't forget
 you can buy the digital  designs to make up at,
 or you can order the design printed on glossy photo paper for a small exta amount.

Also, most of my cards are for sale.
If you are interested in purchasing any, you can contact me at

Here's wishing you a Happy Easter!
Elizabeth xx