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We have been baking biscuits together for a while now and I wanted to bake a special cake for daughter Tina's birthday. I had a good idea of what I wanted to do , but needed a bit of inspiration to get started.
There are lots of great blogs for decorating with fondant and I came upon one from an English lady , Astral de la Mare owner and baker at the Buttercream Bakery in Brighton who specialises in miniature fondant/sugar paste toppers and figures for cupcakes . Her blog is " The Extraordinary Art of Cake "
As soon as I checked out the blog I saw just what I had in mind! But I wanted it for a cake not a cupcake. However, the principal is the same so I just adapted it to my needs.
I made a victoria sandwich style cake with 3 layers filled with jam and buttercream and also covered with a smooth layer of butter cream as a base which I left overnight before adding the fondant .

Meanwhile, I prepared all the plates,napkins and mini cakes.
The plates are small biscuits, which I had shaped before baking,covered with fondant.
The napkins are thinly rolled and cut out squares edged with a modelling tool and folded. The first ones I did, I didnt add trag gum - so they cracked! So I had to do them again!! They were fine the second time round! I painted the decorative edge with a pearl food paint.

Here are a few photos so you can see the results. I had great fun with decorating this cake.
 And I know Tina was delighted with it!!

Hice esta tarta para el cumpleaños de mi hija Tina. Hacemos las galletas y pasteles juntas, así queria hacerle un obsequio especial!

Me inspiré de un blog de Astral de la Mare del Buttercream Bakery en Brighton,Inglaterra. Su blog"The extraordinary art of Cake" es fuera de este mundo. Hace verdaderas esquisiteces para "toppers" de cupcakes y galletas. Adapté la idea para un pastel y hecho a mi aire...

La masa es la que uso para las monas de Pascua. Es entre un"Madeira cake" y un "bizcocho". Tiene un poco mas de consistencia. Lo rellene (3 pisos) de buttercream de vainilla y mermelada de frambuesa.

Hice las miniaturas con varios dias de antelación para que se secaran bien. Las photos os dará una idea del resultado. Me lo pasé pipa haciendo todas las decoraciones.


la mesa a punto para la hora del té!
It's tea time!!


Pastelillos y detalle de una servilleta.
Fondant napkin  and chocolate slices. Plates are biscuit based covered with white fondant.

  Bandeja de pan con panecillos.
Bread basket with mini rolls


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