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This is a cake made last November (2013).  My daughter baked and decorated the two tiers, and I made the fonfant figure for the top of the cake. Somehow  I never had time to upload the photos,( my card making takes up quite a lot of my time!!) So they arent recent photos. However,I still think they may give you a few ideas!

My eldest grandaughter is an unconditional Sesame Street fan! She loves the live Sesame Adventures Show at our local Warner Theme Park( Port Aventura). So we knew exactly what theme to chose for her 6th Birthday Cake!
 My daughter baked and filled the cake and covered and decorated it with fondant.
 I made the fondant  Cookie Monster and a fondant  tin of cookies to go with it .

I've shown one or two of the stages, as I went along. I started the figure about a week before I needed it to allow for drying  and setting it into place on top of the cake.
The fur effect is achieved  by snipping minute snips with tiny little nail scissors. It's quite time consuming, but it looks very effective.

Munching on a chocolate cookie!
Cookie barrel with cookies included!

The jars  and kitchen paper were to hold the arms in place overnight while drying. Luckily it was November, and I didn't have the humidity problems that are common to the Summer months, when it is quite hot and sticky and it's a nightmare getting arms and legs of fondant figures to stick! I often use cocktail sticks to be sure.

 It was a two tiered cake and the design of the lower tier was taken from the entrance to the younger childrens' play  area at Port Aventura in Vilaseca( near Salou) in Tarragona,Spain.

It was well worth it, to see how happy my grandaughter was with her Birthday Cake!!

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