martes, 23 de septiembre de 2014


A few months ago,I was asked to do a Frozen themed cake with Olaf and the reindeer.
It had to be gluten free, with 70% chocolate ganache filling and topping and fondant decorations 
I found some good gluten free flour and make my usual vanilla sponge using this. I cooked in two tins and the cakes came out nice and spongy, having risen well.

But before baking the cake, I had to make the fondant figures. I printed out a photo of Olaf the size I wanted and modeled the parts on this. I used cocktail sticks  split at the ends  for the arms and covered with chocolate gum paste giving a rough finish. I skewered a kebab stick through the body parts and shaped the head and left for a few hours in a tiny round bowl with icing sugar in the bottom,so that it kept its shape then attached to the top of the skewer. I made holes in the head for the "hair". I rolled out really thin sausage of gum paste and cut very small. Lengths  which I shaped slightly. I used my modeling tools to shape the face,cut some bluish fondant paste for the mouth  plus  white for the one white tooth .

I used different brown tones for the reindeer head, antlers, and forelegs. These will be peeping out the front of the cake, so have to get the antlers at the right angle so the just rest on the top of the cake.

I made the chocolate ganache in my thermomix and left it covered in the fridge overnight. Then I whipped it up again and it went on perfectly, first a crumb coat then the final layer when I placed the reindeer and his antlers and forelegs. I made Christmas trees with my finest scissors and punched out snowflakes and Christmas trees to decorate the side of the cake

I covered my base board with ice blue fondant and added a few snow flakes there too.

                                               Here we have the finished cake!

I should add that iused a 70%dark chocolate for the ganache,guaranteed gluten free,
 The fondant and gum paste were also gluten free.

I had a very positive feed back to say that the cake was nice and spongy
 and that the chocolate(marca VALOR) was very tasty.
The little girl this was made for was delighted to be able to eat everything on the cake!!
And the other friends didnt even realise the cake was gluten free!!

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