martes, 23 de abril de 2013


Hoy ha sido un día genial para salir a la calle y disfrutar del sol y del ambiente único del día de Sant Jordi.

We've had a lovely sunny day today
to celebrate Sant Jordi; out of doors perusing the book stalls and generally enjoying the festive atmosphere.

Aquí dejo unas fotos de nuestras galletas decoradas por l@s niños en los talleres de estos días y otras de cosecha propia! Han disfrutado mucho de la manipulación y de la creación con fondant.

Here are a few more photos of our biscuits. Some are decorated by us and others by the children who took part in our workshops. They had a great time manipulating and experimenting with fondant icing, cutters and printers.

using mini cutters  to decorate.

completing a dragon........

Finished dragons,each with their own personality!!

Tags coloured in by the children to complete their  biscuits. All are lovely tags were special requests designed by Eva Cano for me and purchased from I think you will agree that they finish the biscuits beautifully. So here's a big thankyou to Eva!!!

Have a Happy Day!!

¡ Feliz Día a tod@s!

    Catalan flags as a background to these red fondant roses.

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