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La semana pasada fue bastante movida entre los talleres de decoración de galletas con los niños del CEIP El Roquissar de Altafulla toda la mañana del Lunes, el cuidado de mis queridos nietos dos tardes, y la celebración de Sant Jordi el Martes.
( Sin olvidar mi clase de conversación de Frances con  Chantal los miércoles)

El tiempo restante, Tina y yo nos dedicamos a hacer y decorar una tarta de cumpleaños para una niña  que cumplía 4 añitos .
La tarta havía de ser de temática de la Peppa Pig.
Hicimos un bizcocho de dos pisos relleno de mermelada de fresa y cubierto con swiss merengue butter cream.
 A mi me encantan las manualidades y así Tina se cuido de hornear la tarta y yo a modelar la familia de Peppa pig y todos los demás detalles pequeños  en pasta de azúcar.

It's been a busy week. Monday we held the workshops decorating biscuits with the juniors from EL Roquissar school. Tuesday we were out and about , first visiting son Alex's occupational workshop's stall in Tarragona for Saint Jordi(George) then visiting The stalls in Altafulla. When we got there they had sold out of biscuits!!! The children were delighted at their success!!
Wednesday was my french conversation class and two afternoons I spent looking after my lovely grandchildren. My eldest daughter came to visit for a few days with her adorable baby girl so its been a "nana" week all in all.

Still, Tina and I found time to bake and decorate a Peppa Pig birthday cake for a little girl's 4th birthday. Tina saw to the baking and I looked after the decorating.
I love modelling and made pig figures out of sugar paste for the peppa pig family!! Also the little miniatures for her picnic on the top of the cake!!

Made of a cross between victoria sponge and madeira cake. It had 2 tiers, bottom tier filled with strawberry jam and top tier with jam and buttercream. We were asked to cover it with buttercream, so I decided to make a vanilla flavoured swiss meringue butter cream and coloured lightly to give a pale mint tone. Mmmm it makes my mouth water just thinking about it... This butter cream really is special so smooth and velvety on your tongue..

( from a lady blogger called Mara living in Madrid)
You will need:
140g eggwhites(appr 4 egg whites)  best at room temperature
230g sugar
450g butter( without salt)
Colouring and flavouribg to taste.

VERY IMPORTANT: the thermomix bowl and butterfly must be spotless  and dry for the meringue to rise!!

Heat egg whites and sugar in thermomix bowl with butterfly attachment.
5 mins at 60deg speed 31/2
Then 6 mins without heat.
Once it's whipped enough- it wont fall out if you turn the bowl upside down!
Then with the same speed running, add the cold (but not fridge hard) butter in cubes one by one .
It may deflate but will whip up nicely- takes about 5 mins.
If it doesnt whip correctly, just pop the bowl in the frige for a few minutes to cool down!
Once butter is all added, continue beating for a minute or two and add any flavouribg/colouring now if required.
It's now ready to use , but can be stored a couple of weeks sealed in the fridge. It can also be frozen, but MUST be thawed 24 hrs in the fridge before whipping up for use.

It really is so delicious!

Well. Here are a few photos of the cake and details of the pig family!! It was great fun making this!

La tarta acabada ya

Mummy pig and little brother George rolling in the mud!

Mama Pig y George pig jugando en el barro!

Daddy Pig watching the family.

Papa Pig con sus gafas, contemplando la familia.

The birthday girl's name and age plus 4 fondant candles!

El nombre de la cumpleañera con cuatro velas y su edad!

Peppa Pig and Sally Sheep having a fun birthday picnic on the top of the cake!
Complete with mini mugs,plates,napkins, an assortment of breads, hamburguer and cakes and a birthday cake!!

Peppa Pig y su mejor amiga Sally Sheep de picnic con una divertida selección de mini tazas,platitos,
servilletas y bandeja de panes,hamburguesa y pastelillos con tarta de cumpleaños!!

No podia faltar el sol y la nube en forma de piruleta de fondant -como el la serie de la tele!
Pastel ya envuelto a punto de ser recogido.

We didn't forget the sun and cloud(on lollipop sticks) of the TV series!
The cake ready and waiting to be collected!

Just wanted to add, that after a hectic week, I was treated  by my husband and  we went to  a Spa in "la Pineda",Tarragona, for a couple of hours "us time".  Sheer bliss!!! and fully recovered!

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